Why People are Turning to Investment Art – Interview with Metro Newspaper

by James Nicholls

art-1People are turning more and more to art as a way of investment. Smart people with wealth always want their money to work for them and yet at the same time they can enjoy the works on their walls, while they increase in value.

The great thing is that I also enjoy helping many people start at the low end of affordable art. This can be from an investment of only UK£1,500 upwards. My clients all agree that their money sitting in the bank currently, especially in these fragile economic times, is not giving them enough return on investment.

At any price, it is about buying art right, for a maximum return on investment.

The key things to look for are:

  1. An artist whose work is on the rise, with an increase in the selling trend in prices, especially over a 5-10 years.
  2. The source of where you obtain your art works is very important, is it through a credible art dealer or contact. I will only purchase works for clients if I am confident of the source and credibility.
  3. Provenance; keep whatever documentation you can, a certificate of Authenticity, the receipt, anything about the artist, or the person who used to own the work, any magazine or newspaper articles on the artist and work. This certainly all adds value when it is time to sell. I even keep copies of TV shows for my clients when particular artists are featured.
  4. Price is crucial, now there is incredible information available on the internet as to the artists and their works. You can see what prices of works are going for and their trends – which enables you to buy wisely and should generate a good profit when it comes time to sell.

art-2Christies and Sothebys have recently announced record sales in the art market. Both auction houses confirm that: The post war and contemporary art is currently the strongest selling sector for auction houses. Works like these are quite easy to purchase. For example I enjoy sourcing and collecting for clients, the French post war contemporary artists.

For example, Charles Malaussena and Albert Chubac who died around early 2000, are dramatically increasing in value but their works right now can be obtained at such reasonable prices with Authentication Certificates. Art works like these are an outstanding investment for the future.

Jenny Pat, Art presenter in the new TV series; Dealers,’ (Discovery Network 200+ countries) and international art dealer based in Hong Kong, stated this month that: “This is the best time to buy works from artists such as Charles Malaussena and Albert Chubac, because of their growing international reputation, and as the demand for the work of influential French Modern & Post-War artists increases. They are an ideal investment and will continue to escalate in price over the next 10 years.”

A current favourite British artist of mine is Natasha Kahn, some of her works have been exhibited by Saatchi and they only start at around £1,500 but will be a wise investment for the future.

Art is to enjoy and obtain works that you and your family like on your walls!