New! L’École de Nice (the School of Nice) by James Nicholls JN Investment Art

We are delighted to have sourced some very unique artworks from the L’École de Nice (The School of Nice), the artistic movement that developed in Nice from the late 1950s.

We have always been fascinated by the cutting edge artists who either were from, or came to live in the South of France attracted by the unique light of the Côte d’Azur.

For some time we lived in the Beau Rivage, overlooking the ocean, where Matisse had lived and painted during his first two years in Nice. The story is that in 1916 at Christmas, he stayed for three weeks and it rained every day. However, on the day he was due to leave, the sun came out giving the most magnificent light, he was captivated and at once made the decision to settle there and work for the rest of his life.

We became very interested in the contemporaries of some of the great artists in the South of France, most all knew each other. We began to collect works about 18 years ago, of artists from this group.

L’École de Nice

They were (and are) a group of highly talented contemporary heterogeneous painters and sculptors, who were always driven to explore and find their own identity. Of course the influence of the ‘Masters’ who lived in the area such as: Bonnard, Monnet, Matisse, Picasso, Leger, Duffy and Chagall, were the foundation on which the group in the Ecole de Nice, and helped to extend their creativity into the artistic new realms. In the fifties, echoes of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art influenced the French artists with results as different as their personalities. Intellectual and artistic effervescence reached a high point, and Nice became the centre of authentic artistic creation.

The most famous of these dynamic artists; Yves Klein, Martial Rysse, Albert Chubac, Charles Malaussena, Ben Vautier, Aman, César, Venet, Avril, Nivèse and Sonso built the reputation of this group known as L’École de Nice which has become famous around the world.

Many of their works are featured in the famed Museum of modern & Contemporary Art in Nice and in the leading national contemporary galleries around the world. Their artworks feature on the covers of the latest décor magazines, articles, newspapers, catalogues and in blockbuster movies; from James Bond to Grace of Monaco.

These talented maverick artists tried to ‘express both the possible and the impossible.’ They have continued to help shape and evolve perceptions within the art-world and importantly, inspiring new generations of artists.

We feel truly honoured to represent these special artists and bring these very unique and investment art works to you at very reasonable prices.

“Sales of Post War Contemporary Art in the last 20 months has risen dramatically; + 65%.”
Francis Outred, International Director, Head of Post-War & Contemporary Art, Christies

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