SERGE MAKO (1885-1953)


Painter, graphic artist, pedagogue/art educator

Serge Mako graduated from art school in Penza, Russia and studied in SPb under G. Savitsky. In 1904 he continued his education at the Académie Julian in Paris.

Because of his poor health, from 1908 he lived in Nice, where he opened a private painting school (1910-1922) and married a Ukrainian woman, Maria Movchan.

In 1911-14 he took part in an exhibition of the avant-garde group Kiltse (the Ring) in Kharkiv.

During WWI he lived in Nice, where he was friends with A. Archipenko.

He travelled to Prague in 1923 on the invitation of D. Antonovych, whom he met in Kyiv in 1918. In Prague he taught painting at the Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts (until 1932) and established the international association The Scythians (1929-1932).

In 1933 he returned to Nice. His personal exhibitions were held in the Paris Galleries Bonaparte (1937) and Charpentier (together with G. Musatov, 1938).  His works were also purchased by the Museum Jeu de Paume. He also exhibited at SA and ST (1936).

He had a positive influence in many of his contemporary artists that lived and painted in the South of France.

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