Post War Artists

James Nicholls, JN Investment Art

We have an expertise for works by Contemporary Post-War artists who have lived and worked in the South of France. We specialise in the unique group of artists who have had a powerful impact on the world of art.

These include: Yves Klein, his wife the artist; Rotraut, and his mother; Marie Raymond. As well as Charles Malaussena, Albert Chubac, Simon Bussy, Nivèse, Melot, Vidal, Ben, Vojic and Tilmans.

All these artists were exceptional and their works are continuing to increase in value.

They were the cutting edge mavericks who took their lead from: Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, Jean Cocteau and Albert Gleizes.

“Because of their growing international reputation and the high demand for the work by influential French Contemporary Post-War artists…They (the post war art) are an ideal investment and will continue to escalate in price over the next 10 years.”
Jenny Pat, Art Expert Presenter for ‘Dealers’ TV series, Discovery Network (July 2012).

Albert Chubac Artist

Albert Gleizes Artist
Alfred Angeletti Artist
André Villers Artist
Armand Avril Artist
Pedro Arribas Artist
Bruno Fael Artist
Bruno Mendonça Artist
Charles Malaussena Artist
Charles Trenet Artist
Gérard Serée Artist
Èlisèe Maclet Artist
François Ozenda Artist
Leo Wesel Artist
Ignasi Vidal Artist
Marie Raymond-Klein Artist
Melot Artist
Nivese Artist
Pierre Ambrogiani Artist
Rotraut Klein Artist
Serge Mako Artist
Tilmans Artist
Verner Artist
Vojic Artist