Player International on JN Investment Art with photos

Andie Jones: Editor in Chief

As Editor in Chief and founder of ‘The Player’ brand as well as Managing director of the publishing house, Andie has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the luxury market.

Comments by Andie from his interview with James Nicholls and Danièle Ryman of JN Investment Art. Photos by John Starns.


“One of the most exciting couples in the art industry.

Their level of services to their clients is of the highest in the art industry that I have seen.

James is an excellent and entertaining speaker as an authority on art. I saw him at the ‘A Brush With Passion’ art event at Home House in London (November) and as the Christmas speaker for the Nth Degree Business Luncheon Club at the Café Royal in London last month – a brilliant time for everyone there!

The thing that really stands out about their work is their willingness to share their own knowledge.

They keep an eye on those not so in tune with the business opportunities within art, and what to look for. They know how to help people from starting out with only 1 painting, right through to developing collections.

They have an outstanding track record and look ahead of the market by years.

They know how to research, source and provide an exceptionally wide diversity of art genres from; new emerging artists to Impressionist painters and masterpieces.

James and Danièle have a great enthusiasm for what they do which is contagious to anyone they deal with!”

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