Nivèse Oscari lives in the South of France. She was born in Croatia. When she was 3 the family moved to Belgium. She used to wait to meet her father most working days, from the coal mine where he worked.  She recalls that he came up from underground in a cage, with a blackened face. Nivèse  always looked for his face between the iron railings of the cage. This time had an imprint on her as the black period of her life. Much of the creative work that she has done, is a reflection of that time.

When she was 24 (1974) she decided move to the ‘light’ in the South of France, travelling with just 1 suitcase. Once there, she felt that she had become alive and blossomed in the sun of the Riviera.

She mixed with legendary surrealist painters who lived and worked in the South of France. In 1974 she became the assistant of César, the famous French sculptor. In Nice, she met the man of her life; Frederic Altmann, who had an art gallery where he exhibited works from his friends in the Ecole de Beaux Arts Nice. They lived together in the old town of Nice.

Nivèse was a key link for the cutting edge artists of the Ecole de Beaux Arts Nice. She began to exhibit her work in the 1980’s. Her sister said that she is certainly feminine but has an absolute strength about her. She likes building heavy work but making it appear light.

Today her work is exhibited and highly sought by collectors in internationally. The materials she uses is from steel to wooden trellis style. Permanent displays of her work is at the Nice International Airport.

The 2 works by Nivèse that we represent are truly stunning.