She was married to the Abstract Figurative painter artist Fred Klein and their son was the famous French visionary artist Yves Klein.

Marie Raymond was a successful member of the French Lyrical Abstraction art group and Art Informel in the 1950s.

She had a profound, positive influence on the artist style of Yves Klein. The works of mother and son testify to the intensity of the pair’s filial relationship, as well as to the depth of their artistic exchange.

Marie Raymond described her work as follows: “Once the canvas and colours are prepared, I go outside to soak up the light of day, walking and running to broaden my material side. Once I am home…I read several pages from the ‘Creative Evolution’ by Bergson for my inner rhythm beyond that of reality and personal interest…organically received harmonies emphasised within.”

The 3 superb and ‘spiritual’ gouache works we have represent this expression. Her passion was to paint a combination of organic forms and abstract signs of infinity. Different imaginary forms appear before the viewer’s eyes. Here lies the one of the great originalities of Marie Raymond’s wonderful gouaches.

She was often referred to as the ‘elegant Coco Channel’ of her artistic group, and held regular soirées with other leading practitioners of this Parisian abstract movement.

She had major exhibitions across France.

In June 1962, Marie Raymond was shocked by the untimely early death of her son, Yves Klein, just 5 months after Yves and his wife, Rotraut, were married. He died as a result of three heart attacks, at only 34 years of age. Two months later, their son, also called Yves, was born.

Her daughter-in-law is the acclaimed artist; Rotraut-Klein-Moquay. She was the one who Yves taught to mix the famous Yves Klein Blue for him.

The birth of her grandson helped Marie Raymond recover from the shock of her son’s death. At that time it was noticed that she had a fresh artistic creative insight, expanding her vision of art further into a spiritual and meditation expression.

The works by Marie Raymond are highly sought after by collectors and featured in international galleries and museums world-wide.