LEO WESEL, artist & Sculptor

Wesel was born in 1955 in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. At 18 he realised that he wanted to be a painter. After studying at the Arts Academy of the Hague he painted in the South of France and in 1991 went to live not far from the border in Ventimiglia, Italy. He paints as well as creates sculptures, ceramics and lithographs.

“My father was a mason, so I always have a liking for constructionists, abstract and the figurative; it does not matter to me as I feel related to them all. Working in nature is the most beautiful thing there is. I always aim at a high degree in timelessness. Furthermore I try to create something that makes me feel good, inspires me, and with which I can identify myself.”

Wesel was trained and inspired by two leading expressionist artists: Wim Bouthoorn, Serge Hélénon, the French-Italian artist Bernhard Damiano, the American teacher ceramic Monaco, Daphne Corregan and the Hungarian constructivist Tamàs Konok have influenced and stimulated the Leo Wesel’s artworks.

“Leo Wesel is one of those special artists who has come to work and live in the influence of the sun, the sea and the blue sky. Their eyes fall on things that might seem trivial but they make them precious. Sometimes it is the colour, the various shapes, or it is the stone of the mountains.

Leo’s art and sculptures give pleasure to our eyes and environments. I cannot tell you enough of what I feel of these wonders he has created. They are to be discovered and loved. Congratulations to this worthy artist who we all admire.”

Emile Marzé 2006

His work:

A sculpture entitled “Quattro fiori” 1998 is on permanent display in the sculpture garden of the Palais Carnolès; another work is permanently exhibited in Zoutelande (Netherlands). Texts have been written about his work by Alias ​​(1992), Hervieu (1993) Rebaudo (1993), Altmann (1998), Hugues de la Touche (1999), Arstances Bernard Damiano (1999), Annelies van Vlaanderen (1998 ), Nico Out (1998), Francesco Biamonti (2000), AD Pertÿs (2002).

Personal Exhibitions

1991 Giardini Hanbury – Ventimiglia, Italy
1992 Espace Araucaria – Nice, France
1993 Galerie Leeman – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1998 Palais de l’Europe (with Serge Hélénon) – Menton, France
1998 Galerie Esprit (with Serge Hélénon) – Clinge/Hulst, The Netherlands
2000 Biblioteca Civica Internazionale – Bordighera, Italy
2000 Culturele Werkgroep – Stein/Urmond, The Netherlands
2001 ABN/Amrobank- Monte Carlo, Monaco
2002 Galleria Imago, Vedano al Lambro – Milano, Italy
2002 Chapelle Romane Saint-Sébastien – Castellar, France
2003 Stichting Int. Heyderadey, het Tongerlohuis – Roosendaal, The Netherlands
2003 Madam Blâ – Essunga Kyrkby, Nossebro, Sweden
2004 Várgaléria – Veszprém, Hungary
2004-2005 Galerie Euro Fine Arts – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2004-2005 Gemeentehuis Zevenbergen – Moerdijk, The Netherlands
2004-2005 Galleria Heine (with T. Mehl) – Apricale, Italy
2005 Den Engel – Hoogstraten, Belgium
2007 Palais de l’Europe (with Cesaretti) –  Menton, France
2007 Galerie “In-Art” – Haaren, The Netherlands
2007 Galerie AL – Budapest, Hungary
2008 Galerie Art Talent Scout – Monte Carlo, Monaco
2008 St. Jan (presentation new book) – Roosendaal, The Netherlands
2008 Galerie Dom’Arte – Rucphen, The Netherlands
2010 Amazing Rare Treasures (A.R.T.) |Galerie (with Kim Boulukos), Den Haag, the Netherlands
2010 Golf Park (with Kim Boulukos and Debby Scherer), Meerbusch, Germany
2011 Arcus Galeria (with Kim Boulukos), Vac, Hungary
2011 Smelik and Stokking Galerie, Den Haag, The Netherlands
2011 Van Lanschot Private Bank (with Kim Boulukos), Mougins, France
2011 Outdoor Gelderland (with Kim Boulukos), Landgoed Middachten, Den Steeg (Arnhem-Velp) The Netherlands.
2012 Les Villas du Parlement (with Kim Boulukos), Strasbourg, France

Group Exhibitions

1992 La Tellaccia: Premio “La Tellaccia d’Oro” – Torino, Italy
1994 Castello del Commune – S.Stefano al Mare, Italy
1995 Piazza: Primo Incontro Internazionale d’Arte – Fanghetto, Italy
1995 Galerie Mireille Mercier Munch – Nice, France
1995 Forte dell’Annunziata – Ventimiglia, Italy
1996 Piazza: Secondo Incontro Internazionale d’Arte – Fanghetto, Italy
1997 Pavillon Bosio, Ecole d’Arts Plastiques – Monte Carlo, Monaco
1998 Arte in Piazza – Bordighera, Italy
1999 Premio Concorso “Gli artisti e la fabia” – Ventimiglia, Italy
1999 Museo de Badalucco: Festival d’arte figurativa – Badalucco, Italy
1999 Arte in Piazza – Bordighera, Italy
1999 Consulat Général d’Italie – Nice, France
1999 Forte dell’Annunziata – Ventimiglia, Italy
1999 Premio Sacarello: Incontro artistico degli scultori delle Province di Cuneo e Imperia del Dipartimento delle Alpi Maritime – Cuneo, Italy
2000 Palais de l’Europe: 50 ans d’art à Menton – Menton, France
2000 Musée de Préhistorie Régionale: L’Autoportrait – Menton, France
2001 Forte dell’Annunziata – Ventimiglia, Italy
2001 Frontière franco-italienne: Manifestation sur l’Euro – Menton, France
2002 Rijk van de Keizer: YACHT – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2002 Giardini Hanbury: Ardesia – Ventimiglia, Italy
2003 Palais de l’Europe: Les Artistes Hollandais – Menton, France
2003 Forte dell’Annunziata: Terra d’Arte – Ventimiglia, Italy
2003 Ariston: Ardesia – San Remo, Italy
2003 Biblioteca di San Remo: Mail Art – San Remo, Italy
2004 Circolo culturale: Mostra di sculture in “Oro Nero” – Ventimiglia, Italy
2004 Palais Carnolès: Le citron dans l’art – Menton, France
2004 Forte dell’Annunciata: “Mostra di ardesia” – Ventimiglia, Italy
2004 Palazzo Ducale, Genova 2004 Capitale Europea della Cultura, Sculture Ardesia – Genova, Italy
2004 Group exposition – Airole, Italy
2004 Vele d’Epoca 2004, Sculture in Ardesia – Imperia, Italy
2004 “L’Oeuvre en Cours”, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Palais Carnolès – Menton, France
2005 Group exposition – San Biago, Italy
2005 Group exposition “Oro Nero” della Valle Argentina – Arma di Taggia, Italy
2005 Group exposition Vondelkerk – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006 Triangle d’Art – Castillon, France
2007 Symposium sur le marbre de Carrare – Castillon, France
2008 Monaco – Japon,  Comité Nat. Monégasque de l’ Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques auprès.de l ‘Unesco – Monte Carlo, Monaco
2008 Des Artistes dans un Jardin Sylvie – Nice, France
2009 Galerie Bell’Arte Maastricht, The Netherlands
2009 Galerie Annee, Haarlem, the Netherlands
2009 Rotary Club Riviera Cote d’Azur, France
2010 Belled Galerie, Langbroek, the Netherlands
2010 Artisti al Vento di Vallebona, Italy
2010 Galerie de Kring, Roosendaal, The Netherland
2011 A.R.T. (Galerie AmazingRareTreasures), The Haag, The Netherlands
2012 Galerie Buch & Nievergelt, Zurich, Switzerland
2012 Fine Arts Galerie, Oslo, Norway
2012 Bonson ‘Le Peu’, France,
2012 Albisola – Ceramic, Italy