KRIS CIESLAK – JN Investment Art

We are delighted that Kris recently approached us to help represent and to market his art internationally.

A highly successful artist from Poland, Kris now lives and works in London, where he paints in his studio every day. He has worked hard and achieving great success and critical acclaim, from his numerous exhibitions in London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Warsaw.

He is a cutting edge artist who collectors are wisely investing in his work and he has an excellent future in the international art world.

Artist Statement:

“I concentrate on interpersonal relations, self-improvement, introspection and understanding of others, transferring the conclusions of these observations to my paintings. I focused primarily on the constant striving for perfection, both physical and spiritual, which I hope is clearly reflected in my works.

My paintings show the features of such trends as photo-realism and pop art. Those, mixed with abstract concepts, create an intriguing yet simple in form painting, without unnecessary moralizing or pomposity.

My works are not only linked by technique, framing or the characteristic use of colour, but what really connects them is the beauty of the body, eroticism and the capturing of the variety of emotions hidden in every human being.

For my sculptures I go back to ancient Greece where body cult was very strong. Greek sculptures are my big love and here this love became my inspiration. I used plaster to make the sculptures and added a glassy form which shows to better effect the shape of the body and its structure.”

Principal exhibitions:

  • April 2014 “Portrait Show” Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road London E27DG
  • February 2014 “INCONTRO CON L’ARTE” Exhibition project, Emmericarte Gallery Milan
  • January “Percorsi d’Arte” Sale dell’Agostiniana – Plazza del Popolo 12/A
  • November 2013 Arte Contemporanea 2 Exhibition of paintings from “Be amazed, touch love, enjoy!” cycle Emmediarte Gallery, Milan
  • September 2013 Decorative Art Fair On behalf of Catharine Miller Gallery Battersea Park, London
  • 2013/14 “INCONTRO CON L’ARTE” Exhibition Project Konstanz (DE) (July 2013) Milan (IT) (February 2014) St. Stefano Belbo, Cuneo (IT) (June 2014)
  • February 2013 and December 2012 Exhibition of paintings from “Be amazed, touch love, enjoy!” cycle Vibe Gallery London
  • July 2012: Exhibition of paintings from “Be amazed, touch love, enjoy!” cycle Lavignes Bastille Gallery Paris
  • September 2011:exhibition of selected paintings from the cycle “Woman” and “Man” and the mixed series Pomalama Gallery Warsaw
  • June 2011: exhibition of selected paintings from the cycle “Woman” and “Man” and the mixed series Lavignes Bastille Gallery Paris
  • June 2010: exhibition of paintings and sculptures from “Man” cycle Kancelary ZGÓRZAK GAŁECKI I PARTNERZY Warsaw
  • September 2009: “Human Emotions” Exhibition of selected portraits Szpilka Gallery Warsaw
  • September 2008: exhibition of paintings from cycle “Woman” Artistic Centre “Fabryka Trzciny” Warsaw
  • April 2006: “Colors of the year” Waterhole Gallery Warsaw