New! Kris Cieslak, 2 new exhibitions in London

by James Nicholls, JN Investment Art

‘Hunting for Emotions’ at Home House Club and
‘A Conscious Identity’ the new exhibition in Espacio Gallery.


‘Hunting for Emotions:’ Home House, London
We are delighted that in association with ‘A Space For Art,’ this dynamic exhibition has just opened at the Home House, 21 Portman Square, London. The artworks by Kris will be featured through to December.

The focus on people as subjects; dealing with identity, the subconscious, emotional states, interactions, and the nature of being human.’


‘A Conscious Identity:’ Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch, London
‘It’s all about you, about your needs, desires, aspirations and emotions, about your appearance, your passions and most of all about your identity.

“The paintings (acrylic on canvas) are unique portraits where I’m mixing my black and white minimalistic style with my band new art which introduces a variety of palette – illustrating emotions and describing them with colours. I am so pleased with the response.”

Kris Cieslak
A highly successful artist from Poland, Kris now lives and works in London, where he paints in his studio every day. He has worked hard and achieving great success and critical acclaim, from his numerous exhibitions in London, Paris, Rome, Milan and Warsaw.

He is a cutting edge artist who collectors are wisely investing in his work and he has an excellent future in the international art world. Prices of the art range from £3,900 to £6,000.


For more information and a private viewing please contact James Nicholls: or Mobile: +44 (0) 779 355 6204

For further images of artworks by Kris Cieslak