Henri Matisse – 2 small historic works from 1898

By James Nicholls, JN Investment Art (July 2014)

Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

After his wedding in 1898, Matisse and his wife initially honeymooned in London. It was then he discovered the works by J.M.W Turner. It had a positive impact and changed his perception on his use and application of colours. The couple travelled on to Corsica where Matisse did his special series of works; ‘Paysage de Corse.’

We are most pleased to have the written mandate to sell these 2 wonderful historic works from that early series by Matisse. The owner purchased these through Christies. They are both most reasonably priced.

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1898 Henri Matisse -Landscape, Corsica, 1898
Paysage de Corse.
Oil on panel
24.5cm x 14.7cm

Paysage de Corse.
Signed with initials HM
Oil on panel
20.5cm x 16.3cm


Henri Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern, London
James Nicholls, JN Investment Art (July 2014)

Given the extraordinary success of the current Matisse Cut-Out exhibition at the Tate Modern, there were lines of people of up to 2 hours long last weekend of people waiting to enter. The marvellous thing about the exhibition is that from young children to seniors, all seemed to be enjoying the vibrancy and innovative colourful impact of the work of Matisse.

The 2 paintings we are representing for sale by the owner, provides an outstanding opportunity to acquire 2 historic works of the master, when he was only 25 years old, living in Corsica.


James Nicholls, JN Investment Art, at the Matisse Cut-Outs Tate Modern Exhibition