Gérard Serée – By James Nicholls – JN Investment art

Painter, engraver and publisher of prints and artist’s books, he lives and works in Nice and Cuébris.

Painting – gauche on vellum

His work is currently present in many international collections.
Since childhood he always had a passion to expresses himself in art.  As a young man he travelled extensively visiting major museums to view the works of the masters that he admired.

First exhibition in 1966 in his native region.
1969 in Mougins he met Picasso who encouraged him to continue his work.

In 1970 he settled in Nice and he was admitted to the Villa Arson which officially began his art studies; there follows the teaching of Daniel Dezeuze , he discovers Supports / Surfaces and produced a series of monotypes on the body in motion.
Anita Ruiz married in 1974 and travelled to Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco.

1976 series “Paintings footprints” on the ground and fingerprints with potatoes. Gallerist Jean Fournier buys a piece for his collection.
On the occasion of a trip to the USA, he discovered contemporary American painting.

1979: Travels to the United Kingdom. Discovery of a series of paintings by Mark Rothko at the Tate Galleryin London.

1980: Frequent trips to Italy, then to San Francisco and New York.
Gérard Serée obtains support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, for his first exhibition at the Galerie Anne Roger Nice. He spent thirteen months between 1981 and 1983 Boissano in the Foundation Marie Louise Jeanneret.

“Then I paint large canvases rectangular format and also worked in the round thick canvas material, gestural abstraction acrylic paint … Later, geometric figures having a link with the Romanesque and Gothic architecture are needed to acrylic paintings completed in the oil more vivid hues.”
“My paintings are treated with larger brushes and gestures are more, which resemble fragments of the dancing body.”

1984: In New York in May, solo exhibition at the Studio Gallery in Manhattan in D Philippe also Frank Bustamante Gallery.

1989: In Paris he made ​​a painting 340 x 740 cm for the Theatre de Rosny-sous-Bois.

He created ​​his first two books of artists in workshops editions: with Raphael Monticelli “dips shadow” and Christian Arthaud “The book of wood.”

Creating Editions Workshop Gestures and Traces 1994: acquisition of intaglio press”” allowing it subsequently improve its technical advantage and achieve even more artists’ books.

To date Gérard Serée achieved 80 artists’ books and over 700 prints in collaboration with 45 authors.

From 2001: Was the start of a series of paintings and prints on the theme of body and face.
2005: further work on the body and head in a freer and more abstract mind.

2009: May, June, invited to Tetouan in Morocco artist in residence for three weeks “Beans Blue” (2010) and “A Writer in Tetouan” accompanied by six engravings (2012)
“This is the first book where I relate my Moroccan stay and all the techniques I use in etching.”

Since 2012, all his paintings are painted in his studio Cuébris.
“The figure disappeared from my work, gestures are broader and often I end by etching into the still fresh dough to bring forward the tones below: this is the beginning of a new work much more abstract, treated with brushes increasingly wide.”