Malaussena was the President of L’Association Varoise pour I’Expression Contemporaine, (Artists of the VAR, France – the most influential group of cutting edge French artists).

Andre Verdet, the art critic, wrote of Malaussena: “He has dynamism of ‘visual sounds of hot jazz! His paintings are based on freeform and a flow of movement, as though his hands were inspired and guided by that movement. He captures not only visual vitality but for the viewer to feel the sense of sound. His work is an inspiration for the future.”

Charles Malaussena was born in Nice, South of France in 1923. It can be seen in his early work that he was greatly influenced by artists he knew, living in the South of France, including; George Braque, Yves Klein, Ben, Picasso, Albert Chubac, Matisse, as well as the cubist movement with Albert Gleizes.

As the President of L’Association Varoise pour I’Expression Contemporaine and a professor of Art, he helped and encouraged talented young artists, and to have them exhibit their works.

He participated in extensive exhibitions for contemporary artists, and a special one retains the attention: ‘La Jeune Peinture Mediterraneenne,‘ in Nice, from 1948-1960. ‘Un demi-siecle de Peinture Francaise.’ Menton and Grasse 1950. ‘Pittori della costa Azzura’. Turino 1952, and the ‘Biennale de France,’ in Menton (where one of his works received the top prize in 1950).

Many exhibitions of his work were held at: Gallerie il Griffo, in Turin, The Museum of Picasso in Antibes, Museum of Toulon, Galerie Carlier in Paris and the Museum of Saint Paul de Vence.

Malaussena created his art: ‘to give an unusual feeling of sheer freedom of movement and a 3 dimensional visual impact. His colours are frank and pure which can be brittle and yet extreme sharp in contrast.’

He also painted a series of wild running horses, to demonstrate the sheer freedom of movement ‘and sounds.’ The work of his later years shows a maturity and vibrancy of shape and form.

He died in the South of France in 2003.

Many of his works belong to international collections and galleries.

The works by Charles Malaussena are rapidly increasing in price, because of his growing international reputation, and as the demand for the work of influential French Modern & Post-War artists, dramatically increases.

Each work is signed by the artist and has an official Certificate of Authentication.

We also have copy of part of the Catalogue of Exhibition and critic endorsement of Malaussena: Chapelle du Parage – 21 september – 6 October 1984

A copy of the introduction letter to the above exhibition, written by Malaussena, in his role as; President of L’Association Varoise pour I’Expression Contemporaire.

By James Nicholls, JN Investment Art