BRUNO MENDONÇA (1953-2011) Artist, Sculptor, Author, Poet, Publisher & Sportsman

By James Nicholls – JN Investment art

He was called ‘a genius’ and at one time was the youngest artist in dynamic L’École de Nice.

Mendonça was born in Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais, in 1953.

The family went to live in Nice in 1961. He learned judo and chess at the age of seven years.  As an adult he gave public displays in Nice of playing chess with 42 people at the same time. As a small child he loved to spend time in his father’s library and immerse himself in books. He entered the School of Political Sciences in 1973.

He was an outstanding competitor at table tennis, squash and hockey player. Fascinated by travel he visited and painted in over forty countries traveling as much as he could by motorcycle.

He created ​​his first exhibition in 1973, and introduced his first performance from 1976. He gave these exhibitions in a number of countries including; Portugal, Zaire, Italy, Congo, Poland, Ireland, Germany

He designed his first books in 1976 and founded his publishing house, Utopia in 1981. Bruno Mendonça was the author of more than 150 artists’ books. Like Charles Malaussena and Albert Chubac, he liked to help and promote other cutting-edge artists from the L’École de Nice.

He co-organized international festival performances. He worked with charities, especially with the blind and autistic groups. These are often reflected in his paintings with segments of Braille and vivid colours. Sadly he had an accident and died at the age of 58.

Art by Bruno Mendonça

We are both delighted and honoured to have sourced a number of some truly dynamic and well known works of art by the artist – some are featured in books. To us it is a privilege to represent them and to honour his memory.

As what normally happens with such special art…we don’t want to sell such works! However that is our line of business, and they are for sale to people who will appreciate them.


His art stimulates thought, activity and international communication, by way of representing the rhythms of the universe, dates, events, Morse codes and Braille. His works is to be explored. Each work is a visual feast of thought and importantly…to be touched and considered.  His messages just keep coming. We love them!


It would take pages to list the exhibitions of the work of Bruno Mendonça, so we are making the list available for clients.

He is featured in numerous books and his art in international museums.

Viewing his work

For an appointment to view these artworks by Bruno Mendonça, please contact me direct: or Tel: 44 (0) 779 355 6204