Artist and poet Bruno Fael was born in Italy and is living in the South of France.

Frédéric Altmann, the legendary photographer who photographed practically all the artists of  the L’École de Nice wrote of Fael;

“He has travelled the world painting and I have found him to be unpretentious, discrete and generous in both his colours and his life. He captured me the first time I saw the colours of his art. He became a true friend.

Fael believes in experimenting without reaching exasperated levels. He translates through signs and colours. His works represent his way of thinking and feeling, never imposing himself on time limits. His colours and works shine with a profound humility. In the 1960’s he created landscapes and in the 1970’s and 1980’s he evolved into important transformation of richer colours and accentuated rhythms. His abstract world forms as a kaleidoscope, prism of  an exploration of a mechanical robot world and then he also returned to the human world of life. It seems that each decade, it is a beautiful development. He has created a balance, a statement, an everlasting mark to remember.”