Armand Avril (B.1926)

“Armand Avril is recognised as an important French artist. He is an inspired creator whose magic touch transforms objects into impertinently witty assemblages. He is a provocative artist taking pleasure in giving life to objects.”
Bernard Brochand

This acclaimed artist lives and works in Cotignac in the Var, South of France. He was born in Lyon in 1926. During the war, his father, a key member of the Resistance, for protection placed the young Armand as a shepherd in the mountains of the south. His father was captured and perished in a concentration camp before the end of the war.

Avril said of this time in the mountains, that he appreciated the quietness and the solace of his occupation, while at the same time he was influenced in a positive way with the scenery and light. He said: “When gazing on things I learnt to use my imagination.”

After the war he became a plasterer-painter and then decided to be an artist in the. With his outlook on life and experiences, he developed his own unique creative style. His first exhibition was in 1957.

As painter until the late 1960’s, he demonstrated a figurative style, with influences of Jean Dufy and Jean Fusaro, with a taste for bold colours and freshness of the topics.

In the 70’s he started to use combinations of objects or fixtures, carvings, making bas-reliefs made from bottle caps, clothespins, elements of children’s toys, croquet balls, glue, nails and cans. “The low price becomes priceless creates with artistic impact.”

Avril also was also further influenced by the creative expansion of leading artists in the South of France, such as; Braque, Picasso and Matisse, with their compositions and ‘cut outs.’ He further developed in this new medium; the combinations of objects or fixtures, making bas-reliefs made from bottle caps, clothespins, elements of children’s toys, croquet balls, bast, glue, nails, empty cans.

His art is like a style called “singular art” art brut, near to “primitive arts “or” arts premiers dear to the Surrealists, and a style of African art. He then evolved his dynamic new visual style with carvings and the objects.

These forms, magnified by the energy of their life-giving material and the purity of their colours, are integrated into his art in a childlike spontaneous manner, with an underlying ever-present metaphysical purpose.

“The low price becomes priceless when he tinkers.”

Artworks available: Pair carved wooden panels by Armand Avril
2 x wooden carved artwork panels
Each panel signed by the artist
1 x panel on back features: Salut à Man Ray (the famous photographer & artist)
1 x panel on back features: Mimosas à la tête de mort (skull)
Each panel: 185 x 62 cm
Certificates of Authenticity

Note: The artist says he loves the themes of both cats and women…as they are similar in nature!

Sea Life – painting and card collage

Joy – painting and card collage

Solo exhibitions

  • 2008: Pussy and cats, from 29 May to 28 June 2008, Lawrence Puybaudet gallery, Paris
  • 2006 Hi to eskimos, from 18 May to 17 June 2006, Lawrence Puybaudet gallery, Paris
  • 2005: After us the deluge, from June 25 to November 27 at Malmaison Cannes
  • 2003 Paintings and assemblages (1962-2002), from June 29 to November 3, Le Tremblay, Centre National d’Art Contemporain (Fontenoy) Yonne (department) | Yonne.
  • 2003 Armand Avril January 20 to May 2, 2003 at St. Peter Hall, 2 rue Ronsart, 75018 Paris
  • 2002 Donation Muguette and Paul Dini, and Armand Avril, from October 6 to December 22 Association, the Paul Dini Museum of Villefranche-sur-Saône
  • 2001 Galerie Pierre Robin, Paris
  • 2000: Galerie Beatrice Soulie, Paris
    • Gallery Sordini, Marseille
  • 1999: Gallery Lectern, Lyon
  • 1998: Galerie Alphonse Chave, Vence
  • 1996 Gallery Sordini, Marseille
  • 1994 Château de Suffren, Saint-Tropez
  • 1993 Erval Gallery, Paris
    • Cultural Spaces Tours, Walnut (Yonne) | Walnut
    • Gallery Lectern, Lyon
    • Musée Ernest Hébert, La Tronche
  • 1992 Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam
  • 1990: Gallery Lectern
    • Fair Southeast Lyon
  • 1989 Jaski Art Gallery, Amsterdam
    • Erval Gallery, Paris
  • 1987 Erval Gallery, Paris
  • 1986 Gallery Lectern, Lyon
  • 1985 Galerie Alphonse Chave, Vence
  • 1984 Annonay Contemporary Art Group
  • 1983 Gallery Lectern, Lyon
  • 1981 Galerie Pierre Robin, Paris
  • 1977 Gallery Lectern, Lyon
    • Galerie Pierre Robin, Paris
  • 1976 Maison de la Culture in Grenoble
  • 1974: Gallery Lectern, Lyon
    • Gallery The sun in the head, Paris
    • April summer in Candide Lavilledieu, Ardeche (department) | Ardèche
  • 1972: Galerie du Manoir, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
  • 1971 Gallery Sun in the head, Paris
  • 1970: Gallery Lectern, Lyon


Centre National d’art contemporain – Paris
Musée d’art moderne – Paris
FRAC – Rhône Alpes
Musée Paul Dini – Villefranche sur Saône
Musée de Grenoble
Musée de Lyon
Musée de Toulon
Musée de Saint Etienne
Musée Ingres – Montauban