ANGELETTI ALFRED (1919-1991) – By James Nicholls – JN Investment Art

‘Homme Guitare’

Alfred Angeletti was born in Italy and lived and worked in Nice. He was encouraged by his close friend Pablo Picasso in the early 1950’s, to experiment and develop his own unique creative art applications. He became the master of the ‘Pointillism.’ Angeletti lived and worked in Nice and was a powerful influence in the L’École de Nice (The School of Nice).

He trained for four years at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Institute of Decorative Arts, Liege.

Angeletti worked in an ‘expressionist way’ often parallel to the ‘Art Brut.’ He experimented for years with different techniques and forms of from; plaster, scraping, stripes, crosses, splashes and painting with his fingers on the canvas etc.

He enjoyed painting musicians (refer Roesz Germain, in his book “Angeletti” 1991), as well as a diversity of characters, birds, skulls, flowers, etc. many of which are included and systematically repeated in a black graphic created by a succession of broken keys, unevenly on strips of brightly coloured, staggered horizontally often on white background.

His constant concern was to achieve diversity in simplicity, sensitisation of line, the edge strips, surfaces, brushes work, always visible (or streaks between keys), and in a wide diversity of colours.

He inspired a new generation of young artists who have since followed in his footsteps.

“The intensity of colour just bursts through his work. This is beautiful eternity painting. His work is to discover and enjoy!”
Germain Roesz 1990



1978: Case: Golf monochrome, Nice,
1980: Gallery Workshop: “1960-1980”, Nice,
1986 Gallery Making, Golf, Strasbourg,
1987 Gallery G, crossed career, Besançon,
1990 – 1991 Gallery Scholtes: “Three times,” Nice
1991 Gallery eye, Forbach
1991 Gallery G, final works, Besançon,
1992: Golf, Court Square Gallery, Metz
1992 Tribute Valles Area, Saint Martin d’Heres ,
1992 Room mix: “About an acquisition FRAC”, Strasbourg
1995: Tribute to Alfred Angeletti, Court Square Gallery, Nancy
1999: “Golf” Art Gambetta, Metz
1996 Alfred Angeletti Museum of Contemporary Art, Nice,
2002 Med’in culture, Lycée Diderot Marseille,
2003 Gallery Court Square, Tribute to Alfred Angeletti, Paris,
2005 Alfred Angeletti, The Gallery ollave, L’Isle sur la Sorgue, February-March 2005
2006 Gallery Iffrig, 80, Strasbourg, COLLECTIVE 1983 Renaissance museums Cannes 1983: Mail Art, Prima 83, Nice country / Piedmont, Place 5, Nice 1983: First meeting of Contemporary Art, Cannes 1984 Scripture in painting Villa Arson, an initiative of Michel Butor and Marcel Alocco, 1984 Artothèque, Aix en Provence, 1984 and 1985: Contemporary Art Museum, Nice, 1985 Sélest’art, Colmar, 1985 Around Nice, Nice, 1986 : Art Junction International, Nice, 1990: SAGA, Grand Palais, Paris, 1991: Slates, Pheasant Gallery 1993 Route Museum of Art and History of Belfort 2004: Inauguration of the Iffrig Gallery, Strasbourg: Alfred Angeletti Jean Pierre Bertrand, Marc Couturier, Jean François Maurige Claude Viallat 2008: Court Square, Paris, Albinet, Matsutani, Angeletti 2013: Tidal Wave 11th, “doing” Penzé

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