ALBERT CHUBAC (1925 – 2008)


Albert Chubac is recognised as one of the iconic leaders in the ‘French Modern & Post War Contemporary Art’ movement.

Rene du Manaigue, art critic (1979)

“Chubac creates the love of youth through the shapes. He has the essence of a genius as he makes people happy who look at his work!”

Leclere Auction House, France (March 2009)

“It is such a unique opportunity to obtain a work of art by the artist, Albert Chubac”

We were pleased that one of our works by Albert Chubac ‘La Lune Bleu’ was featured on the cover of ‘Elle Decoration magazine’ (France & UK) as well as in the main feature article (April 2013).

A number of our art works by Albert Chubac are featured in the new movie;

‘Grace of Monaco’ – starring Nicole Kidman & Tim Roth

Artworks by Albert Chubac were presented and sold in the ‘Dealers’ international television series (Discovery Network 2011 – 2012)

British Airways are currently featuring the life of Albert Chubac on their Inflight programme: ‘Investment Art.’ (2013)


Albert Chubac was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1925 and received a Diploma in Decorative Arts in 1945 from the Geneva School of Decorative Arts.

He later received a Degree in Fine Arts and travelled to Paris and to Algeria where he painted figuratively. He then visited Barcelona, and returning to Paris he saw an exposition of abstract art. After visiting and living in all parts of Egypt, he had an exhibit in Athens.

Chubac moved to the South of France in 1951 and took an active role in the Art School of Nice, by grouping and working together with many of the cutting edge artists, working in the South of France.

Although he exhibited throughout Europe, New York City and London, he has had many more shows along the Cote d’Azur. He exhibited with a number of the most famous MADI artists.

Influenced by the contribution of the new realists in Nice, Chubac became fascinated with optical research and applications and the effect it had on the human physic. He developed works and realisations from his research using lively primary colours.

He developed compositions in simple geometrical forms assembled vertically. The use of plastics in elementary sculptures in exchangeable elements, gives them unmistakably a playful character.

His art work gives frank enjoyment of that which is simple and coloured – similar to children’s toys of an early age, not sophisticated but with a pleasure of the brightness of pure colours, and to the clear volumes of primary geometry.

Albert Chubac died in 2008.

His works are sought by collectors and featured in international galleries.

Over 100 of Albert Chubac’s artworks are featured in the prestigious Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art in Nice, with a number displayed alongside works by the legendary Yves Klein.

Christies announces record global results:

“Post war and Contemporary Art proved to be the biggest selling sector 2012-2013″

Sales in France and internationally of Chubac’s works have recorded that the sales trend has sharply risen since the death of the artist.


Jenny Pat, Art presenter and international art expert – TV series; ‘Dealers’

“This is the best time to buy works from special artists such as Albert Chubac, as the demand for the work of influential French Modern & Post-War artists increases.”

By James Nicholls, JN Investment Art