James Nicholls & Danièle Ryman, JN Investment Art

James Nicholls is a recognised international investment art specialist whose experience in art now spans many years.

James is the Investment Art Expert for British Airways, featured on in-flight entertainment programming on BA international flights.

He is also the Art Editor for The Player International Bookazine, and a contributor to a number of magazines and newspapers. He has been featured in numerous television programmes and presented art in the international television series; ‘Dealers’.

James is also an international award winning television producer.

Danièle Ryman is French and attended the famous Ecole des Beaux Arts, in Paris. She is an author of 6 books in over 20 languages and a regular speaker at international conferences. She is also the ‘Patron of Art, (Art for health’s Sake) NHS Trust, UK, George Eliot Hospital. Danièle was recently appointed as Deputy Art Editor for The Player International Bookazine.

James Nicholls & Danièle Ryman have a passion for art and have successfully mixed business with pleasure to provide a unique dedicated service to others.

Their diverse client list includes some of the highest profile film and television and sporting personalities as well as members of royalty and a number of charity groups.

Photograph by John Starns