A Brush With Passion

Investment Art Event & Exhibition, London

A highly successful art event, with over 100 people attending, at Home House Club, London Presentations were given on the principles of investment art, from the lowest end of affordable art, to the top end of the market.

Hosted by James Nicholls, CEO, JN Investment with special guests: Princess Natalia Strozzi, Director, Tenute Guicciardini Strozzi Wines (a direct descendant of the famed Mona Lisa) and Charles Hamilton Stubber,Chairman, Aon Private Risk Management

“Art is a passion or it is nothing.”

Daniele Ryman, James Nicholls,
Princess Natalia Strozzi,
Geoff Sewell & Simone Lanham
James Nicholls & Charles Hamilton Stubber
James Nicholls, JN Investment Art

Photos by John Starns